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Here is how it works:

You are about to download a PDF file less than 1 megabyte.

  • The first column is my 5 digits inventory number (STOCK). It’s useful if you want that I put the coin aside for the next meeting.

  • The second column is the type of coin (PIECE):

    $P1 for Canadian paper dollar; $P10 for Canadian paper ten dollars; 1$ for Canadian dollar coin; 50¢ for Canadian fifty cent coin; ACC for numismatic accessory; JET for pre-confederation token; MED for medals; PLS for proof-like set; TD for trade dollar; WPM for world paper money; WT for wooden token, etc ...

  • The third column is the year (ANNEE).

  • The fourth column is the catalog number or the abbreviation of the variety (TYPE).

  • The fifth column is the description of the coin (MEMO).

  • The sixth column is the grading of the coin (GRADE)

  • Finally, the seventh column is the selling price (VALEUR).

    And now, it only remains you to click here to download the inventory file.

    If you wish to browse only the newly arrived items, please click here to download the file.

    Good research...

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